The MATA Outstanding Athletic Trainer Recognition Award is presented to Minnesota athletic trainers whose performance or contributions to the profession have been noticeably significant throughout the year and have achieved one or more outstanding accomplishments in areas such as:

  • Responded to (or in) a critical situation
  • Active in the advancement and/or promotion of athletic training. Examples may include research advancing the profession, developing new techniques or programs, presentations and/or publications advancing knowledge or advocacy within and outside athletic training.

This award is intended to recognize those athletic trainers who have gone above and beyond their standard job description through a single effort or a series of actions over the course of a year that benefitted the membership of MATA or elsewhere and has positively influenced the healthcare provided by athletic trainers in Minnesota.



  • Must be an active member of MATA and in good standing
  • Must be BOC certified and a licensed athletic trainer in Minnesota
  • Must have a current NPI#
  • Must have made outstanding contributions in the field of athletic training within the last year

Include the Following Information in Your Nomination Essay

  • Overall contributions to the profession of athletic training
  • Outstanding effort or series of actions made by the nominee over the past year
  • Explain how these contributions are above and beyond the typical description of an athletic trainer in their current position

Selection & Notification Process

  1. The Honors and Awards Chairperson will review the nominations and forward to the Honors and Awards Committee members for review and recommendation of winners.
  2. The Honors and Awards Chairperson will notify the MATA Executive Committee for final approval of winners.
  3. The Honors and Awards Chairperson will notify the winners by letter, email, and/or phone no later than 30 days prior to the awards banquet.
  4. All winners will be presented awards at the annual awards banquet held during the MATA Annual Business Meeting and Clinical Symposia.
  5. If the recipient is unable to attend the awards banquet, they may defer for one year to accept their award in person.

Nomination submissions and questions can be directed to the MATA Honors and Awards Chair at

Nominate Here

Award Recipients

2023     Troy Banse, ATC
             Joel Krekelberg, ATC
             Ashley Krantz, ATC
2022    Heidi Duong, ATC
            Troy Hoehn, ATC
            Craig Merten, ATC
            Amy Rogotzke, ATC
            Leah Rutz, ATC
            Mitch Toda, ATC
2020     Jenna Arnold, ATC
             Rich Hardy, ATC
             Karin Shelstad, AT
2019     Christine Dickinson, ATC
2018     Laura Crowell, ATC
             Jess Swedzinski, ATC
             Lauren Palsgrove, ATC

2017     Reggie Ronning, ATC

2016    Gregg Farnam, ATC
   Ashley Krug, ATC
   Jill Michel, ATC
   Sam Moore, ATC
   Abby Weber, ATC
2015    Eric Drake, ATC
   Jill Steinbach Michel, ATC
   Holly Gradreu, ATC
   Dave Matzoll, ATC
   Don Fuller, ATC
   John Worley, ATC
   Travis Green, ATC
2014     Marisa Brouse, ATC
    Alison Caro, ATC
    Randy Palmer, ATC
    Alyse Randal, ATC
    Kris Savaloja, ATC
    Abby Weber, ATC
    Nicce Westensee, ATC
2013     Justin Byers, ATC
    Rick Meyers, ATC
    Chad Osgood, ATC
    Andrea Nelson, ATC
2012     Amy Brugge, ATC
    Paul Bruning, ATC
    Meagan Christenson, ATC
    Kyle Momsen, ATC
    Patrick Sexton, ATC
    Judi Tekautz, ATC
    Dean Wennerberg, ATC
 2011     Todd Keasling, ATC
     Keith Uzpen, ATC
     Scott Westermann, ATC
     Brent Millikin, ATC
     Dean Wennerberg, ATC 
     Margaret Knutson, ATC
     Mariell Gatenby, ATC
     Chris Huot, ATC
     Megan Streveler, ATC
     Chris Gebeck, ATC
     Chad Eickoff, ATC
     Kim Stakston, ATC
     Ronda Peterson, ATC
     Randee Garberg, ATC
2010     Terry Caryle, ATC
2009     Paul Westerberg, ATC
    Tomm Kiff, ATC
2008     Lori Glover, ATC
     Dan Hagen, ATC
     Dan Augustinack, ATC
     Tiffany Thorn, ATC
     Brittany Olson, ATC
     Bryan Voracek, ATC
     Molly Malundo, ATC
     Lara Parkin, ATC
2007     Abby Weber, ATC
    Chris Gebeck, ATC
    Lori Kurszewski, ATC
    Scott Westermann, ATC
2006     Chris Emrick, ATC
     Anne Hill, ATC
    James Tousignant, ATC
2005     Scott Kulstad, ATC
    Kent Kalm, ATC
    Pat Sextion, ATC
    Zibby Tully Nunn, ATC
    Tom Kiff, ATC
2004     Becky Stone, ATC
    Alison Talley, ATC
    Scott Westermann, ATC
2003     Alisha Deneen, ATC
    Amber Banwart, ATC
    Scott Westermann, ATC
2002     Janet Johnson, ATC
    Tara Jones, ATC
    Elizabeth Kestner, ATC
2001     Erik Elfrink, ATC
    Sarah Hill, ATC
    Chad Osgood, ATC
2000     Heidi Bolgren, ATC
    Mariell Gatenby, ATC
    Sarah Peterson, ATC
    Pat Sexton, ATC
1999     Nicole Goodwin, ATC
    Scot Jaenicke, ATC
    Scott Kulstad, ATC
    Steve Marti, ATC
    Andrea Menge, ATC
    Gary Smith, ATC
1998     Scott Kulstad, ATC
    Steve Marti, ATC
    Chris Palmer, ATC
    Angela Perusek, ATC
    Jim Rakow, ATC
    Stephanie Stadden, ATC
    Mark Wright, ATC
1997     Jim Colehour, ATC
    Brenda Dolejs, ATC
    Bob Finke, ATC
    Scott Gardner, ATC
    Steve Geiser, ATC
    Jamie Hornibrook, ATC
    Margaret Knutson, ATC
    Scott Kulstad, ATC
    Steve Marti, ATC
    Tony Pithan, ATC
    Gary Reinholtz, ATC
    Jim Schultz, ATC
    Pat Sexton, ATC
    Gary Smith, ATC
    Scott Westermann, ATC
1996     Linda Dolejs, ATC
    Bob Finke, ATC
    Jamie Hornibrook, ATC
    Scott Kulstad, ATC
    Steve Marti, ATC
    Jeff Peterson, ATC
    Joann Schonning, ATC
    Karin Shelstad, ATC
    Scott Westermann, ATC
1995     Jamie Hornibrook, ATC
    Scott Kulstad, ATC
    Gary Reinholz, ATC
    Karin Shelstad, ATC