Below is a series of research articles related to the management of cervical spine injuries, in particular those that occur where protective equipment is involved, such as football, hockey and Lacrosse.  These articles were obtained from the website of the Oklahoma Athletic Trainers Association.   Thank you to Darren Lunow, MS, ATC for his work in putting this project together, to Curtis McAuliff ATC, for developing the concept for and to The OATA for granting us permission to post this information on the MATA website.   Click on the OATA logo to be redirected to their website.

Review, Research and Proposal Presentation

Foundational Information

Key Position Statements and Research Documents

Research Supplemental

Cervical Spine Movement During Equipment Removal

Cervical Spine Position and Stability With Equipment On

Diagnostic Imaging With Equipment On

Facemask Removal Tools

Patient Transfer Techniques