Program Description

Mentees will be matched with a mentor who have similar career goals, interests or work setting. Mentors and mentees are able to communicate as much as they choose. This program is developed to help Athletic Trainers’ of all levels of experience, work settings, etc. It is an opportunity to help Athletic Trainers’ discuss particular topics or scenarios with a fellow professional.

Program Mission

To challenge and guide emerging Athletic Trainer’s to become highly effective health care professionals.

Program Goals

  • Skills Development Mentorships that focus on skills development help the mentee learn specific skill sets in order to develop him or herself, add value to the organization and progress on his or her career path
  • Goal Setting/Career Planning Mentorships that focus on goal setting and career planning help the mentee identify his or her professional and personal goals, as well as think about his or her long-term career path. An example of a good activity for this type of mentoring objective is discussing the mentee's early career dreams and possible career moves.
  • Problem Solving Mentorships that focus on problem solving help the mentee develop cognitive skills in order to strengthen the mental process of discovering, analyzing and solving problems to overcome obstacles. An activity example for this mentoring objective would be to identify a real problem with his or her mentor and then brainstorm solutions together, as well as discuss pros and cons for each option.
  • Networking Mentorships that focus on networking help the mentee expand his or her professional connections and networks.

Get Involved

  • To apply for the mentorship program simply DOWNLOAD & complete the appropriate form below.  Send the complted application along with any questions to

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